Why Use Facebook in Real Estate


You’ve got clients to meet and showings to schedule — why waste time on social media and Facebook of all places!?

Easy — 29.7% of users in the 25 – 34 age bracket and that is the age group that is most often looking to purchase their home or nest into an apartment.

That means with this demo as your client, you likely get to skip roommate drama and instead have a higher rental or sale price, which translates into a larger commission.

Deciding to use Facebook for real estate through a Business page or through your own personal page should be considered carefully.

With a Business page, your content can be minimized by Facebook and you may end up needing to “Promote” (aka Pay For) your posts to be featured.

Using a personal page means that what you post will show up in the Facebook feed of everyone you went to high school with (assuming you are friends with them on Facebook) which might not be your target demographic.

Facebook gives you the benefit of being able to write more — there is no 140 character limit — so you can list all the attributes of the property that you are listing.

But remember to still go picture-heavy on Facebook; posts with photos have an interaction rate of 87% — you don’t want to miss out on that!

The peak time to post on Facebook is at 3pm on Wednesday, though posts between 1pm – 4pm during the week also perform well.

Good to know everyone’s hard at work at their jobs! 😉