Twitter to Keep the Convo Flowing

Twitter can feel like the wild, wild west. Conversations are fast moving and non-stop. It’s easy to be intimidated or overwhelmed by everyone out there

Still, in real estate it’s a good idea to have an active Twitter account. The reason? One word: search.

Folks use Twitter, yes to Tweet — but also to search what they are looking for.

So when someone needs to find a new home or list their property for sale, one place that they can turn to in order to see what real estate agents know about the neighborhood is Twitter.

Keep your posts here hyper-local in order to build your reputation as a niche expert. Reference the town, sure — but even better, include the neighborhood in your hashtags so that you are able to drill down further.

If you want to go all out, create different Twitter handles for each neighborhood or town so that your Tweets will rise higher in the search results.

Twitter allows photos to be uploaded so use that to your advantage! Posts with photos are liked and retweeted more — add them in when you can.

In terms of when to post, that is the age-old Twitter question. There are a lot of different answers from a lot of different folks on this (though afternoons during the week always rank high), so experiment on your own!

Start Tweeting and seeing how your followers react and interact with you — who knows where it will lead!