10 Best Posts to be Clickbait for Real Estate Hunters

Everyone wants lots of readers of their blog and the hoards interacting with their social media, right?

The point of building fancy blog posts and engaging with social media is to build a rapport with clients who will check out what you’re posting about and start to see you as the expert in real estate that we know you are. But what on earth to post about?



Lots and lots about kittens.

“But I don’t have a pet shop!” you might say.

Righto, fair point.

But here’s the thing: people come to blogs for all sorts of different reasons and they start to see you as a leader in the field; someone with something to say that they take the time to read. So without further ado, let’s get cracking on the 10 Best Posts to be Clickbait for Real Estate Hunters.

  1. Kittens. I said this already, right?! People fall in love with kittens, and then that kitten (and human) need to move somewhere new. Apartments that are pet-friendly can be hard to find and those with pets are desperate to find a suitable home for Fluffy. List the top 10 buildings in your neighborhood that are pet friendly and Fluffy will have plenty of friends.
  2. Restaurants in the neighborhood. Who doesn’t love good chow? Knowing that there are awesome food establishments nearby is key for people moving into a new area. No one wants to be stuck with soggy pizza or bad take-out. Check out Yelp.com for the best-of restaurants and build a post around them — bonus points if you go and can give your own mini-review!
  3. Street festivals and other cultural events. Like good food, reading about how vibrant a neighborhood is makes moving in easy for someone new.
  4. Crime. This might not be the most conventional way to sell a neighborhood, but if you’re providing valuable insight like, “Although crime has been historically high in this area, the Police Department is seeing a reduction in petty thefts” might go a long way in calming fears about moving to a new area.
  5. Ranking of the laundromats. Whoever said clean was not sexy had no idea what they were talking about. A good laundromat is worth its weight in gold. For folks moving into buildings without laundry services available knowing that there are reputable ones nearby in the neighborhood makes working up a sweat to beautify a home that much easier.
  6. Shopping, shopping, shopping. So, the men might not click on this as much as the women, but then again, women make most purchase decisions. And you know, if Mama don’t like the grocery store in town, there’s going to be trouble. Highlight the cool gems for food shopping that might not be as obvious as the neon-lit supermarket on the corner. Knowing there is a gourmet market hidden in an alleyway can boost a neighborhood’s appeal.
  7. Best barbershops. At least in my neighborhood, there are so many barbershops that I don’t think I’ll ever see them all. How great for the gents to know that there are options to stay spiffy once they move into the new neighborhood and maybe even some suggestions on where to go before their date.
  8. Parks. Parks and other outdoor ares (like soccer fields, basketball courts and tennis courts) are wonderful additions to any neighborhood. They build a community and foster an atmosphere of fun; highlight which ones have sport teams set up to play and how to go about joining them.
  9. Best library events. Every year, my library hosts dozens of events — yet there is one that I look forward to year after year. Does the local library have a calendar of upcoming events for the year? What looks awesome, or have you been to in the past that you can talk about as the event-not-to-miss?
  10. Kittens. You knew I was going to end on this note, right? Cover some pet-care options in the neighborhood; dog walkers, cat-sitters, groomers…these are the people who help make the world go ’round and without them, many a pet owner would be in a bind. And hey – you never know, maybe you’ll get a referral from one of those fur-friendly folks one of these days!

What have been your favorite things to read about your neighborhood?